When you are just starting to sew, there is a lot to learn. From fabric selection to sewing terms and techniques, it can be overwhelming.

I remember “learning” to sew in home ec in Junior High. Truth be told, I already knew how to sew. But, in that class, we cut out pre-printed fabric and made an apron and an oven mitt.

I know aprons and oven mitts are useful. But other than learning how to sew two pieces of fabric together and add a bias-binding on the apron, the skills learned weren’t that useful. I knew more going into that class than what was taught.

I want to teach you more than that.

Granted, I don’t teach how to apply bias binding in this course.

But I do cover tools and equipment, fabric types, interfacing types, using a pattern, and several common stitches.

Additionally, I give you some of my best tips for reducing jams, and speeding your sewing process while still achieving good quality results.

You’ll learn how to sew a functional tote bag.

What’s the point of sewing, if the finished product isn’t something you can or want to use?

You’ll even have the opportunity to ask me questions directly on the course platform.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

    • Student Walkthrough (Thinkific Platform)

  • 2

    Getting Started Sewing

    • Chapter 2 Introduction

    • Tools and Notions Needed

    • Introduction to Fabric

    • Choosing Fabric for Your Tote

    • Sewing Terms and Techniques

  • 3

    Pattern: Layout and Cutting

    • Chapter 3 Introduction

    • Pattern Prep and marking

    • Laying Out the Pattern on Fabric

    • Pinning, Cutting and Marking the Pieces

    • Applying Interfacing

  • 4

    Strap Assembly

    • Chapter 4 Introduction

    • Applying Strap Interfacing (Optional)

    • Assembling the Strap

    • Attaching the Strap

  • 5

    Outer Bag and Lining Assembly

    • Chapter 5Introduction

    • Outer Bag Assembly: Sides and Bottom

    • Outer Bag Assembly: Bottom Corners

    • Lining Assembly: Sides and Bottom

    • Lining Assembly: Bottom Corners

  • 6

    Finishing the Bag

    • Chapter 6 Introduction

    • Attaching Lining to Main Bag

    • Turning Right-Side-Out Closing Lining

    • Edge Stitching Top Edge

    • Optional Finishing Stitches

  • 7

    Options and Course Wrap-Up

    • Chapter 7 Introduction

    • Easy Modifications for Future Totes

    • Optional Added Heft

    • Course Wrap-Up

    • Before you go...

How to Sew a Tote

  • Choose Fabric

    Your sewing project can fail before it even gets started, if you choose the wrong fabric for the job. I'll guide you through choosing fabric to make your project successful.

  • Cut Fabric

    You might have the fabric right, but if you prepare your pattern wrong, or you cut your fabric wrong, you could destroy your project. You'll learn the right way to cut your fabric and tips to save you time.

  • Sew the Tote

    You'll learn how to sew the tote, in what order, techniques to use, and tips to get better results.

Additional Course Features

  • Pattern Modifications

    You'll get several easy-to-make modifications to change the size of your tote to meet your needs.

  • Discussions

    You get access to me via discussion in the lessons. Have a question? Ask it! It's like your on-call instructor.

  • No Expiration

    The class doesn't expire. And there is no time limit to complete the course. Work at your own pace. Refer to the lessons as often as you need to for as long as you need to.