Why Draft Your Own Legging?

I have used a basic-legging pattern as a spring board for many different dance and activewear designs.

It’s amazing the different styles you can make from a simple pattern.

The catch is, you need that simple pattern. And while I bought mine years ago, I haven’t had any luck recently finding a simple legging pattern from any online pattern retailers.

All the styles I found have style lines or color blocking. Which doesn’t work if you want to make your own styles. Or, if you just want a simple straight-forward legging to wear under a tunic, dress, leotard or shorts. To be honest, I can think of many different uses for this simple legging pattern that doesn’t involve much more than changing leg lengths and rise heights.

But if you do want to make more elaborate designs those patterns can’t be easily made into pants like my capri ruffle pants, and my layered ruffle pants. While a simple legging can.

And I would love to teach you how to design unique leggings to workout in, hang out in or dance in. But, I can’t do that if you can’t get your hands on a simple legging pattern with no side seam.

Quite frankly, I’m not surprised that a super simple legging pattern is hard to find, but I am a little disappointed.

So, I’ve take it upon myself to learn to draft a pattern, so I can share that knowledge with you.

It’s easier than you might think!

Course Preview

What You'll Learn

In this course, you'll learn a variety of skills. Here are the main ones.

  • Draft simple Leggings based on your measurements

  • Make adjustments for common fit issues

  • Create a Sloper

  • Make a variety of simple pattern adjustments for rise height and leg lengths

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Course Introduction

  • 2

    Taking Measurements

    • 2.0 Chapter 2 Introduction

    • 2.01 Tools Needed

    • 2.02 Measurements Needed

    • 2.03 Tips to Measure Yourself

    • 2.04 Calculations Needed

  • 3

    Drafting the Legging

    • 3.0 Chapter 3 Introduction

    • 3.01 Materials Needed

    • 3.02 Making the Initial Draft

    • 3.03 Tips for Making a Mock-up

  • 4

    Pattern Adjustments for Fit

    • 4.0 Chapter 4 Introduction

    • 4.01 Thigh and Leg Adjustments

    • 4.02 Front or Back Foundation Adjustments

    • 4.03 Waist Height Adjustments

    • 4.04 Leg Length Adjustments

  • 5

    Preserving your Pattern

    • 5.0 Chapter 5 Introduction

    • 5.01 What is a Sloper

    • 5.02 Paper and Storage Options

    • 5.03 Finalizing the Sloper

    • 5.04 How to Transfer to Tag

  • 6

    Length and Rise Modifications

    • 6.0 Chapter 6 Introduction

    • 6.01 Rise Modifications

    • 6.02 Leg Length Options

    • 6.03 Making a Pattern to Sew From

  • 7

    Course Wrap-Up

    • 7.0 Chapter 7 Introduction

    • Before you go...

  • 8

    BONUS: Sewing Simple Leggings

    • 8.0 Chapter 8 Introduction

    • 8.01 Cutting the Fabric

    • 8.02 Sewing the Legs and Crotch

    • 8.03 Finishing the Waistband

    • 8.04 Hemming the Legs

Build Your Skills

Learn fundamental pattern drafting. Draft yourself a versatile pattern that can be used for so much more.

What You Get in This Course

  • Legging pattern ($12 value)

    You'll have a customized pattern for your specific measurements that you will be able to sew and alter with confidence.

  • Pattern Drafting instruction ($39 value)

    In-depth pattern drafting instruction that takes the guess-work out of fitting pieces together so you can make modifications with confidence.

  • Sewing Instruction ($29 value)

    Step-by-step instructions on sewing your basic leggings on a sewing machine. No Serger necessary!

  • Instructor Q&A ($39 value)

    Ask questions, get answers. Key lessons have discussion enabled so you can post questions, and get answers, or just share your work and brag a little.


I've included a chapter on sewing the basic legging. I cover the step-by-step instructions for construction. And I give tips for working with 4-way stretch fabric.

This is much more than a pattern drafting course.


  • Is there a time limit that I have to finish the course?

    No. You can go at your own pace. You can skip lessons you don’t need, you can rewatch lessons you want to see again. And I will help with questions that you put in the discussion to the best of my ability.** And you can come back to the course time and time again to make many different totes.**

  • Does the Class Expire? Will I lose Access to the Content?

    No. The class doesn’t expire. I want to say this is a forever class or “lifetime” access. But I cannot promise technology over that kind of timeframe. What I can promise is that, should technology get wonky, I will do what I can to make the content available to you “forever”.